6 Reasons Why Braces Suck

Ugh. My teeth are killing me. On March 7, approximately almost at the beginning of the month, I got my braces. And it’s caused a lot of changes in my life, and not just my mouth.

  1. No More Biting Apples For This Princess.

Yes, that’s right. I won’t be able to pretend play Disney Princess Snow White biting a poisoned apple. Unless they’re apple slices. But ain’t nobody got time to peel the skin and slice ’em up. Oh, and no more gum, popcorn, and pretty much the rest of the delicious foods out there.

     2. The Brushing and Flossing Craziness.

Yes you’re right, with braces, you brush and floss after every meal. Yes, I’ll repeat that. EVERY. MEAL. If you don’t have a brush near you, them rinse your mouth with some cool and refreshing bathroom sink water.

    3.  The Food That’s Stuck In Between You Braces That You Spend Hours Getting Out Even When You Could’ve Used A Toothpick.
I think tile says it all. Don’t you?
   4. When The Braces Start Slicing The Inside Of Your Mouth.
Okay, but for real, it hurts. The wires of your braces rub against your skin.That’s why we have dental wax. Such a mouthsaver. I mean lifesaver.
  5. The Deceiving Dentist
The dentist always tells us,”It’ll hurt the first few days, but after that you should be fine.” Yeah right, more like first few weeks. My front teeth are still having trouble biting.

 6.   Loose Teeth

This was more of a scare. I wake up on a normal morning, and when I bite down, my back tooth seemed loose. I did what any other normal person would do, yeah that’s right, freak out, then look it up on Yahoo Answers. Turns out it’s because I’ve been grinding my teeth together at night. Just what I needed, another problem.
Thank you so much for reading!! Until next time! ❤ Asalamualykum.

4 thoughts on “6 Reasons Why Braces Suck

  1. Congrats!! I’m on the final stage of my braces and I’m stuck with wearing rubber bands in my mouth to correct my bite (even though I thought my bite was fine xD) My next appointment is on August 3. How long are you wearing them?


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