Why I Homeschool


Before I say anything I just wanted to apologize from the bottom of my heart to the top, for missing a week of blogging. It was truly a busy week for me and I could not find the precious time to sit down and blog. You may be asking what I was busy with, it’s not like I’m in college, or about to give my SAT. Well, I’ve been studying studying studying studying studying studying studying, or also known as a student dying. Nevertheless, I’m glad to say I’m back. ❀️☺️
Now, I want to say that I have been to private and public schools. And now homeschooling. I’ve pretty much done it all. 😜 

Although I’ve only been homeschooled for a few months, I am loving it. On the contrary, it was (and still is) very hard for my extended family to accept the fact I am now homeschooled. My grandparents, don’t seem to understand at all. They say school is for school and the home is for home and that you can never mix those two. What they fail to understand is that I am no longer living in the United States. The nearest American school happens to be an hour away, and two hours with the traffic. Women cannot drive, and having to sit in the back seat, while a man drives for you, makes me feel very uncomfortable. After saying all of this I just wanted to say that I did indeed go to school in Saudi Arabia. For a week. 

I begged my parents to withdraw me from that school. Having to drive two hours in the morning and two hours back, while sitting in the back of the car with a man you barely knew, would no longer work. It was now that my mother and father started looking for solutions. Several of the families living here suggested homeschooling is the best way to receive my education. One of the radiologists working at my fathers hospital gave us the number to a woman who lived not too far from us, and was also homeschooling her children. We immediately got in touch and went over to this woman’s house and she provided me with all the information I would need. 

Flash forward to a month later, and I’m homeschooling. The first few weeks were hard. Getting into the routine of waking up going to sleep on time and finishing all of my schoolwork without turning the television on. They have not sent it directly to me but I can tell that my aunts and uncles also view homeschooling negatively. But it’s my choice, and my life. Not theirs. 
Through homeschooling I have now started a blog (been wanting to start one for years), made friends all over the world (Jordan, UAE, Canada, you just name!), have more time to focus on the things that mattered such as family and religion, and even have some spare time to learn Arabic. 
Homeschooling is not bad at all, as other people had informed me, in fact I think moving to this new amazing country has only expanded my knowledge of the world. πŸ™‡

Lastly, to all those out there who are thinking of homeschooling, I would recommend to go for it. You never know, it could be for you! ❀️

Fun Fact: I am using the SAME homeschooling program President Barack Obama used while he was living in Indonesia! This was primarily the reason why I decided to choose the homeschooling program I am using. After all, I do want to be the president. πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ



One thought on “Why I Homeschool

  1. Cool story. If homeschooling works best for you, definitely stick with it. How does your homeschooling work? Do you patents teach you or does a teacher come to your house? Is it an online curriculum? Sorry for all the questions, but I am curious.


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