Here We Go…Again! 🎉 🎉

So three years ago, I had the bright idea to start my own blog, and let’s just say nothing really took off. Here I am, three years older and regretting the fact that I never developed my blog when I had the chance.

Hold up. That isn’t the complete truth.

You see, as a hopeful eighth grader, I DID post regularly for a few months. Reading those old posts now sent a wave of cringe through my body, not to mention the horror if someone I knew were to ‘accidentally’ (we all know they’d be stalking me) stumble upon them. So I deleted them, saving myself from extreme humiliation and the possibility that they’d be used as blackmail against me. Because…they were just THAT bad.

Then I suddenly stopped for reasons I might one day share on here. Let’s just pray I stay active for that long! Don’t worry, it’s nothing too dramatic at all. But, like, can’t you just pretend to be interested? 😛

Let’s be real for a second or two real quick. It’s wrong that I like to think of myself as a blogger when I haven’t touched my blog in years, right? Now that’s changing because I’m dedicating myself to building this blog. Not sure exactly what will be posted on here, considering I have no interesting hobby apart from sleeping, eating, and staring at books for hours on end. Which, by the way, is no easy feat!

But I do have experience (do i though?). That’s right, in my short time on this planet, I’ve accumulated a lot of unnecessary experiences that will most probably die with me. So why not share them in the hopes that ONE person out there reads it? Or maybe even two people? I mean I have no expectations for this blog, but it cant hurt to dream, you know? Besides, I’m fine with liking all of my own posts. And I’ve already got 55 followers! Those poor souls have no idea what they’ve signed up for!

Why don’t you join them? Lol jk no, you don’t have to.

ps. but you should 😉